Why Us

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Security Company

As a manager when you contract our security services, you should consider two basics: the elimination of problems and cost effectiveness. 1st American Professional Security Services has trained personnel to handle daily services, as well as out of the ordinary occurrences which may arise such as emergencies.

We can work with you to provide the highest level of service in the most cost effective manner. 1st American Professional Security Services will help you optimize your security while keeping within your budget.

Clients that we have transformed from in-house to outsourcing have found that contracting for security services has eliminated many problems associated with in-house operations, provided cost controls, and rendered optimum service value.

The account can benefit in the following ways by outsourcing the Security Department:

  • Overall peace of mind and time freed to pursue more important aspects of your job.
  • Responsibility of workers’ compensation and unemployment are eliminated.
  • Vacation, sick days, and emergency replacements are the sole concern of 1st American Professional Security Services.
  • Human Resources are eliminated, including: hiring search, scheduling, record keeping, hour tracking, terminations, reviews, benefits and payroll service.
  • Cash flow is increased.
  • As a benefit to our client, 1st American Professional Security Services will provide CPR classes at no additional charge.
  • Our training program is complete and continuous to keep our employees at the peak of efficiency.
  • Approved OSHA training is provided to ensure employees are at the peak of their efficiency.
  • The responsibility of ordering and controlling supplies, or having to repair equipment has been eliminated.
  • The Priority of 1st American Professional Security Services is to stay abreast of the latest products and methods and bring you the most innovative technologies, chemicals, and products.
  • Quality Assurance is provided as a standard amenity in all contracts.