Employment Training and Transition

When 1st American Professional Security Services assumes the Security responsibilities for a new client; there are number of steps involved to ensure a smooth and effective transitional period.

Upon the direction of management, 1st American Professional Security Services will attempt to maintain specific employees who have proven to provide outstanding service. These employees are retained to properly and safely use our supplies and equipment. Their salaries remains constant and are eligible to receive additional pay raises and corporate benefits.

To obtain the balance of employees, we hold “job affairs” to search for the best possible candidates. Applications are filled out and interviews are conducted.

After reviewing the potential new-hires, we will have criminal and employment background checks performed and each guard has to go to class performed by the Department of Public Safety, which teaches them the whole concept of a security guard.

When we have chosen the staff, we will hold a subsequent fair to have all paperwork thoroughly completed and task will be as signed. At this meeting all employees will be issued a picture identification card and uniforms. We will also hire replacement workers in case of absence, no shows, vacations and emergency work.

Prior to commencement of work, 1st American Professional Security Services will hold a safety and training seminar for all our employees in our corporate office. This will familiarize the employees with the correct handling of chemicals, company policies and procedures as well as other aspects of their new jobs.