Total Quality Management

1st American Professional Security Services is committed to the principles of Total Quality Management. This allows us to grow as a company in character and quality every year. The TQM system is a tribute to the way clients and employees work together. The TQM system is a tribute to the way clients and employees work together. Our employees are devoted to ensuring your satisfaction.

The following TQM principles are applied in ever aspect of our business:


Consistent performance and dependability. We employee back-up system and personal insure that an adequate amount of staff member are available to complete the job to our client’s standards.


Willingness and readiness to perform services. We instill in our employees the habit of being pro-active rather than reactive to client’s needs.


The experience and knowledge to perform. Our experience in such industries as government, private sectors and industrial allows us the knowledge to handle any type of situation that may arise. We are confident that there is no security situation that we have not seen before and dealt with before.


Identifying our client’s need s and being able to implement the necessary means to achieve them. We use the TQM plan to build a relationship with our clients based on understanding and respect.


1st American Professional Security Services is available to handle our clients concerns and comments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The key to our success is to readily hear and understand our client’s needs. This contact is through phone calls, e-mails, mobile communication, pagers, faxes, logbooks and daily walk-thorough.


We believe that building lifetime relationship with our customers and team member is essential to exceeding our expectations and will result in the successful accomplishment of our goals. This begins with courtesy and respect.


Experienced management personnel who have 50 years of experience in the security industry. Our longevity and current customer base is proof of our reputation and credibility that 1st American Professional Security Services has in the industry.


Maintaining a secure facility is important to you. Avoiding hazardous situation and training our employees to protect themselves and environment is crucial.