A fully comprehensive online system which will fulfill all of your security, maintenance, and parking needs

  • Guards are trained to document and record incidents utilizing time stamped photos, video, and Audio files, execute proper reporting techniques, and know how to combine these tools to provide real customer service.
  • Task oriented patrols based on management’s priorities and goals ensure proper protocol is followed for lock-ups, timely patrol of high-incident areas and amenities, and checks on maintenance issues such as light reports. All tasks are completed with photo proofs.
  • Ability to identify trouble spots and maximizes the effectiveness of each patrol or standing post.
  • Sharing of information between dispatch, patrol and management in real time eliminates gaps in coverage and empowers officers to make educated decisions aimed at providing customer service.
  • Data collection builds a true history and reveals the root of an issue so our teams can respond or be proactive by making an action plan to resolve problems permanently.
  • Systematically address common issues including lock-ups, noise disturbances, trespassing, after hours use of amenities, vandalism, theft, alarms, emergency vehicles on site.
  • The software provides an environment that promotes accountability through multimedia data collection and detailed reporting capabilities.
  • Promotes teamwork between management and our officers as we are providing quality data that shows the nature of an issue so everyone can focus their efforts on a solution.
  • Smartphones are GPS enabled allowing supervisors and dispatch to observe and direct officers. This next level of communication and logistics improves response times and operational readiness.
  • Complete parking lot analysis to identify and resolve issues in problem or high-traffic areas.
  • Solve the age old problems of too many unauthorized vehicles, identify sub-lets, stored vehicles, reduce incentive for tailgating, clearing red zones, loading zones and clogged office parking.
  • Management maintains control of policy and scope of enforcement through advanced reporting tools that identifies problem areas and common chronic issues filtered by property, date range, building, unit type, license plate, VIN, or permit.
  • Track property performance through measured results based on issue or location.
  • Advanced reports can be filtered by time slice, issue type, address, or employee.
  • Executive reporting gives senior management a powerful tool to review multiple properties utilizing filtered status reports. We have an unrivaled commitment to success that will lead to a tradition of excellence.

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