1st American Professional Security Services is on the cutting edge in our use of technologies. We employ the latest and greatest in security gadgets to make sure our guards are the best prepared to make you feel safe. Here are a few examples of the many technologies we use.

We use the latest in Radio Frequency technology, the GS1100 and GS3000 to track our employees. These remote scanners record the date, time and location of our guards at the touch of a button when brought within three inches of an RFID tag check point. We use the software to generate a security patrol report on each of our clients’ properties. Reports can be viewed, printed or exported to MS Word/Excel as a .csv file.

We have a state of the art presence online as well. Our website allows us to better serve our customers and gives them more visibility into our activities. Each client of will be given their own account in which all of the security logs for their property will be stored. They will be able to view these logs whenever they like. Security logs are updated on a daily basis by the guards after they complete their shifts. Online logs serve three purposes: makes it easier for clients to keep up with how we are performing, archives logs for future viewing, and helps 1st American Professional protect the environment by going paperless.

1st American Professional also makes good use of security vehicles both as a means of transportation and as a deterrent for potential wrong-doers. Our cars are equipped with flashing security lights to increase the security presence and remind people that they are in a secure and protected area. Our vehicles range from SUV’s to security scooters.