1st American Professional Security Services has a focus on customer satisfaction, empowerment and quality of service, all of which aids us to reach goals of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our first indication of defining quality is the essential walk through with the client after award of contact. At this time all expectations regarding the 1st American Professional Security Services, safety and overall security of the facility are re-addressed. It is the objective of 1st American Professional to meet and exceed those requirements.

We are constantly making adjustments to mirror the expectations of our clients.

1st American Professional Security Services measures our results through a three-tiered supervisory structure that has proven to assure the highest level of quality.

Our on-site lead supervisors at each location conduct daily inspections. Inspection forms are used and they help detect any issues crewmembers must resolve.

The lead supervisor also has the responsibility of ensuring that special project work is being performed in both a timely manner and to the expectations of the client. The lead supervisor will be certain to have an ample amount supplies on site for the staff to perform their tasks.

Next the area manager also conducts regular inspections to ensure that all specifications are being met. This extra set of eyes helps to detect even the smallest concerns before they grow into larger problems.

We also use the latest technology GS1100 to track our employees. This remote scanner records the date, time and location at a touch of a button, when brought within three inches of an RFID tag check point. We use the software to generate a security patrol report on the property. Reports can be viewed, printed or exported to MS Word/Excel as .csv, .html, or .txt files.

We have a state of the art presence online as well. Our website allows us to better service our customers and gives them more visibility into our work. Each client of ours will be given their own username with which they will be able to go online and see security guard logs whenever they like. Security logs are updated on a daily basis by the security guards after they complete their shifts. Many companies have logs which serve a similar purpose but we have made this whole process paperless to increase the visibility of our promise of excellent work and to go green.